Frequently Asked Questions
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Our skilled technical teams work in collaboration with clients to ensure the most challenging of #SteelFramingSystems are accurately manufactured & fit first time. To hear directly from our clients go to: #SFS @SCIsteel @LSF_Association @ExploreOffsite

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your lead time for design ?
A. 10-15 working days for 1st set of drawings for approval

Do you provide PI insurance?

A. Yes, When fully designed we provide a £10m cover

Do you provide a full installation service?

A. No, however we would be happy to provide a list of our preferred installers.

What is your lead time for material to site?

A. 10-12 working days from either cutting list or from construction status drawing sign off

How will my steel arrive at site?

A. EOS provides custom cut to size lengths of stud, lintels and cills. Fully labelled and colour coded per floor or elevation

Do I require deflection brackets?

A. EOS provides deflection brackets inclusive of the lump sum offer

Does your Lump Sum offering include design?

A. Yes, EOS Framing offers a full design service inclusive of the lump sum

Do EOS Framing “sign off” installed work?
A. Yes, EOS Framing provides this service as part of our design service

Are your drawings BIM compliant?

A. Yes, EOS Framing design software is fully BIM compliant and can also provide 3D modelling as part of the BIM/design package

Will EOS provide me a set of scope drawings
A. Within EOS Framing Lump Sum this will be inclusive of a set of marked up scope drawings confirming all areas of steel allowed for

How much of stud is swaged?

A. 50mm up from base and 150mm down from head. Can go up to 300mm down from head if required.

Do you offer toolbox talks?
A. Our Techncial Support Manager can arrive on site with your first delivery to run through your design drawings, SFS materials, colour coding, etc.


Q. Do you offer site inspections?
A. Yes, as part of the EOS Framing offer, our Technical Support Manager can visit and inspect SFS installations and subsequently provide a report with his findings if required.

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