EOS Celebrates Impressive Safety Achievement for 1000 Days Without Accidents

The team at EOS take great pride in our dedication to safety – a key focus shared by the entire Etex group of companies.

Since joining the Etex family in 2016, EOS has continued to maintain the highest level of commitment to safety which has resulted in an impressive milestone achieving 1000 days without LTA (Lost Time through Accident).

With support from the Ferrybridge based Health and Safety team, 95% of Etex employees have now undergone the ‘Safe Start’ training programme with the remainder due to complete their training by the end of the first quarter in 2020. Significant work has gone into creating awareness and driving the correct actions to safeguard everyone’s health and safety. The engagement work between managers and their teams to maintain these high standards has been a great success.

In addition to this safety achievement, the EOS team have also successfully achieved ISO45001 accreditation – the first company within Etex Group to do so. This certification recognises quality management, environmental management and health and safety.

Lisa McGill, Operations Manager at EOS commented “The operations team have worked exceptionally hard to create a safe working environment, which is reflected in our achievement of 1035 days without an LTA.

By embedding and nurturing a disciplined safety culture, we have created the right mindset within our team which has enabled us to achieve this goal. It is a fantastic achievement and I’m very proud of what we have delivered so far. Maintaining the Etex ethos, the drive towards our collective Three Pillar Agenda has focused around profitable growth, operational performance and engaged people.”

Take a glimpse at the EOS Advanced Manufacturing Facility  – click here to watch our video

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