EOS Announce New Fully Inclusive Service Innovation

EOS is getting the New Year off to a great ‘time and money saving start’ by announcing the launch of a new fully inclusive service innovation.  From January 2015, all Double Studs/Opening Jambs/ Double Stud Lintels and sills will be dispatched from our factory preassembled – saving significant labour and programme time onsite.

There will be no extra charge for this service – it will be included in our Fully Inclusive pricing structure – with no hidden costs or nasty surprises!

Preassembled in factory controlled conditions offering:

o    Quality assurances – machine assembled, so tolerance guaranteed
o    Streamlined site organisation and allocation of materials
o    Reduced installation costs onsite – saving time and money
o    Reduced risks of accidents during installation
o    All openings pre-made offsite – delivering a robust and reliable fit

In addition to the above this improved service can be further enhanced by using the option to pre-insulate components.

This is a flexible service and should you require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.

EOS are totally committed to working with our clients on product and service innovations to help them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace – delivering cost and time efficiencies.

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