Elementary Design Service

With increasing labour&skills shortages, the construction industry is under pressure to deliver more buildings quicker. Risk, cost, time, quality&performance need to be controlled. In response to these challenges, #EOS has developed its Thrubuild®system.eos-facades.co.uk/information… pic.twitter.com/zCAYgwbVG0

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Elementary Design Service (Stud & Track Schemes Only)

EOS provide an elementary design service for stud and track schemes including:

    • Review of architects and structural engineers drawings
    • A desktop appraisal of the scheme and advice on suitable sections using the EOS Standard Structural Calculation for stud & track
    • Two drawings of the typical sections and associated connection details for the scheme

A summary of the structural design calculations are provided once we have received an order. These are in the form of two detailed panel drawings showing the stud design based on wind loadings, the opening design that covers the general construction detail, details of the fixing design and the approved fixing type required to secure the panels to the primary structure.

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