Preassembled in factory controlled conditions ready for direct installation

EOS as part of Etex are continually looking to make the building process not only inherently safer but also to offer performance assurances. Find out more about our #SafetyFirst approach here: bit.ly/2y5qQ4R #SteelFramingSystems #SFS #Thrubuild #Etex #buildingsafety pic.twitter.com/zG7K17NB7s

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Preassembled in factory controlled conditions all Double Studs/Opening Jambs /Double Stud Lintels and Sills will be dispatched from our factory ready for direct installation – saving significant labour and programme time onsite. This is a flexible service and should you require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.

EOS also offer a complementary labelling & colour coding service for easy identification saving time onsite.

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