Thrubuild® – Load Bearing System

With increasing labour&skills shortages, the construction industry is under pressure to deliver more buildings quicker. Risk, cost, time, quality&performance need to be controlled. In response to these challenges, #EOS has developed its Thrubuild®…

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Thrubuild® Load-Bearing Systems

Combining the group’s expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide a comprehensive range of tested and certified solutions for light gauge steel frame construction.

  • Siniat Frameboard
  • EOS light steel framing
  • Siniat Weather Defence

Driven by the demand for more predictability throughout the construction process – EOS are expanding our services to include light gauge steel framing load-bearing systems. With 14 years’ design and manufacturing expertise in panelised, volumetric modular and pod technology – EOS are delivering a range of tested and warrantied load-bearing systems, which are supplied in pre-assembled panels and cassettes for installation onsite.

Optimising value engineering, EOS together with our partners within the Etex Building Performance group, also supply load-bearing systems for pod and modular specialists. EOS turn cold formed steel into structures which are pre-boarded offsite – providing highly engineered, lightweight and robust non-combustible systems.

Looking for a rapid, robust, and reliable structural solution?

EOS provides a fully inclusive service from conception to completion – ensuring simple and rapid construction of our load bearing structures. Loading factors taken into consideration during the design and engineering phase include – overall stability, imposed, dead and wind loads, and disproportionate collapse.

Manufactured to highly accurate tolerances of +0mm / -2mm – our total building frames are supplied in pre-assembled offsite manufactured panels and cassettes. All floors and roofs are supplied in either C-sections or lattice beam cassettes. All ancillary components are included within the scope of supply.

Operating to BIM Level 2, EOS use Design for Manufacture and Assembly protocols to fully test designs to digitally eliminate clashes and errors – ensuring smooth installation onsite or within upstream manufacturing activity.


• Highly engineered, lightweight and robust non-combustible systems
• Optimised through Design for Manufacture and Assembly protocols
• Load-bearing capability of up to 9 storeys
• Load-bearing systems for pod and modular specialists
• Total building frame supplied in pre-assembled offsite manufactured panels and cassettes
• All floors and roofs are supplied in either C-sections or lattice beam cassettes
• All ancillary components included within the scope of supply
• Manufactured to highly accurate tolerances of +0mm / -2mm
• Options for safety handrails, blue ropes to aid slinging and Moffett or Hi-Ab off-loading

Certainty and Predictability

Where margins are tight, cost certainty and predictability are of paramount importance. Certainty in specification and performance is also crucial. Essential to delivering the best and most profitable results, is early integration in the design and construction process. Our most successful outcomes are where we have been engaged prior to the main contractor’s tender and where we have tailored full design and manufacturing packages for the tender submission.

For specifiers there is a great deal to consider and a system approach removes much of the hassle and uncertainty in achieving the design brief.

The high strength to weight ratio of LGSF load-bearing systems significantly exceeds that of timber or concrete and by reducing the total load up to 60%, these systems allow developers to save costs in the ground by reducing the foundation requirement. Insurance offers more costs savings – as light gauge steel is non-combustible, it has a lower builder’s risk premium.

Offsite manufacture reduces site labour costs and construction waste but also importantly, improves quality by the factory fitting of boards and the integration of M&E in the design process.

Continuous Collaboration

For the optimum results and costs savings, main contractors, architects and designers need to engage at an early stage. Supply chain integration and collaboration throughout the design and installation, is equally important.

With every project, EOS operatives are available to attend site to offer technical advice, design assistance and installation training. Installer teams can benefit from our ‘Tool Box Talks’ and phased site visits to offer independent quality checks on the installation.

We are operating in exciting times for the built environment – whatever the construction sector, there has never been a better time to capitalise on the raft of benefits that factory-based offsite technologies can deliver.

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