Flooring Systems

EOS flooring systems offer a wide variety of applications. Flooring systems range from lattice beam solutions to fully panellised flooring systems. Suitable for all types of load bearing floors from intermediate separating floors to bespoke mezzanine flooring solutions.

Flooring Joists and Cassettes

Flooring applications can be supplied as C or lattice cross-section joists, to be placed individually or as floor cassettes.

Pre-assembled floor cassettes are manufactured to stringent factory tolerances and can be bolted into the structure as a complete unit, providing a secure platform that can take a load straight away. This significantly speeds up the building process and ensures precise accuracy.

Our flooring systems can achieve large spans without the need for supporting struts due to steel’s unrivalled strength to weight ratio.  Space can be maximised and used creatively with complete adaptability on layout, whilst providing cost saving opportunities by reducing the need for steel structural beams. In addition, building services, for example – plumbing, heating, wiring, can be passed through the lattice web keeping the floor slim and minimising the loss of valuable headroom.

Insulation can also be incorporated at the point of manufacture, driving further efficiency. The acoustic and thermal insulation performance of our systems is industry leading. EOS separating floors are Part E compliant, resisting the passage of sound between floors. Light gauge steel flooring joists and cassettes offer a real alternative to timber flooring and floor joists, and there is no risk of shrinkage or movement thereby eliminating the risk of ‘squeaking floors’ or popping nails.

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