Roofing Systems

#EOS are proud to celebrate another prestigious award win, at @housebuildermag Awards for Best External Product for our Thrubuild® system innovation - the result of close collaboration between @Etex_Group brands – EOS @SiniatOfficial @PromatUK & #FSi.

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Roofing Systems

EOS Roofing systems are formed using steel lattice beams or frames. They are lightweight, coupled with a high strength to weight ratio that makes them ideal for reducing the pressure exerted on the primary structure, whilst supporting the roof with its robust strength.

Steel is capable of achieving much greater spans than traditional timber trusses providing design flexibility and enhanced versatility.

Our roofing systems support the creation of energy-efficient, well insulated buildings that outperforms the results achieved by traditional methods. We can also supply timber trusses as part of your package should timber be considered more appropriate to your design and the particular application.

Light gauge steel roof beams, trusses and cassettes offer a real alternative to traditional timber gang nail trusses and timber roof joists.

Our systems can achieve large spans without the need for supporting struts due to steel’s unrivalled strength to weight ratio. Space can be maximised and used creatively with complete adaptability on layout whilst providing cost saving opportunities by reducing the need for steel structural beams.

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