EOS – Perfecting the Offsite Process

Earlier this month EOS gathered together some key figures from the industry to discuss offsite manufacture’s current progress and its future direction at their first RoundTable event hosted by MD Steve Thompson in London.

With light gauge steel frame (LGSF) playing a fundamental part in offsite construction from structural panels to a building’s complete frame plus a variety of roofing, volumetric modular options and infill walling applications – the aim of this wide ranging discussion was to gain a greater understanding of the patterns and behaviours of those using offsite techniques and how to get them adopted more readily.

The discussion highlighted a host of lessons and outcomes to be addressed; such as knowledge transfer and better site understanding – bridging the gap and taking a process that you control in the factory environment to the construction site in one continuous flow.

For full details of the RoundTable discussion, you can read more in the next issue of Offsite Magazine -out next month!

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