Why Us
Our experienced team work as an integral part of your business to deliver the most inclusive and cost effective design solutions

Under the banner of vintage & modern – EOS #designed & #manufactured a range of infill #steelframingsystems for the prestigious Ram Quarter. Watch the video to find out more about this impressive development: bit.ly/2MtJY3p @ardmore_group @EPRArchitects @LSF_Association

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Why Us

EOS are pioneers in the manufacture of light steel framing systems, specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of component-based and panelised solutions.

A Solution for Every Structure:

EOS offer a comprehensive range of services – from pre-contract solutions and design to structural calculations and value engineering. Our experienced team work as an integral part of your business to deliver the most inclusive and cost-effective design solutions. With over 15 years experience, we have been actively involved in a range of privately and publicly funded research and technology development projects.

Why Steel?

Light gauge steel is perfectly positioned to meet construction industry demands – it is future proof and future ready.
As an advanced high-performance offsite solution, steel is not susceptible to shrinkage, warping, cracking, rot infestation or moisture absorption. Steel offers significant improvements in design capability and, as an offsite manufactured solution, is not adversely affected by severe weather, delivering both cost and programme certainty. Lightweight, structurally efficient steel frames reduce foundation requirements and make construction on top of existing buildings viable.

The inherent benefits of steel construction are why this innovative material is shaping our city skylines:
• Superior quality due to manufacture in factory-controlled conditions
• Shorter build times due to speed of pre-fabricated construction
• Safer construction due to improved onsite health and safety practices
• Increased resource efficiency due to reduced site labour requirements
• Minimised environmental impact and disposal costs due to reduced waste, both onsite and during manufacture
• Reduced loading on foundations and infrastructure due to high strength to low weight ratio

Faster Delivery:

Time is a critical factor in construction as every project manager well knows. It is because of this that light steel frame has become the preferred material for forward-thinking building professionals. Offsite construction projects can be delivered in less time than traditional construction methods, delivering radically reduced build times, leading to less time onsite and ultimately, a faster return on investment.

Lower Emissions:

Light gauge steel minimises the impact on the environment and offers a solution to meet and deliver stretching national targets for housebuilding, as well as stringent legislation to reduce carbon emissions and work towards ‘zero carbon’ buildings. Light gauge steel can be multi-cycled, doesn’t generate waste and promises a more sustainable future.

Reduction in Cost:

Light steel frame provides a lower cost option, whilst still maintaining superior quality. Cost savings are made due to the speed of construction – the frame is installed rapidly onsite and resource efficiencies are also made due to the reduction labour requirement. Find out more about EOS Framing’s all-inclusive lump sum cost package here.

Collaborative Working:

We offer a total partner solution including application consultancy, structural design support and value engineering, underpinned by quality manufacturing. Our client and partner focus has led to a number of innovations in the design and application of light steel frame construction.

If you have a specific project requirement, or you are looking to develop a new offsite solution – please get in touch.

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