Pushing Boundaries
Pioneers in Research and Development

Under the banner of vintage & modern – EOS #designed & #manufactured a range of infill #steelframingsystems for the prestigious Ram Quarter. Watch the video to find out more about this impressive development: bit.ly/2MtJY3p @ardmore_group @EPRArchitects @LSF_Association

Yesterday from @EOS_Framing's Twitter via Hootsuite Inc.

Pushing Boundaries

Pioneers in Research and Development
Embracing a world-class manufacturing ethos and optimising design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) principles are at the heart of the EOS operation. With a culture of constant improvement, we invest in our advanced manufacturing facility together with the research and development of new and innovative offsite systems – the resulting benefits are passed onto our customers.

Tried, Tested and Warrantied – Thruwall® Systems
EOS Framing is now part of Etex Building Performance which brings together the products and solutions of three major construction materials companies. Through combined expertise in drywall, passive fire protection and steel framing systems – the group has created a range of unique solutions for building envelopes.

Durable Systems
EOS only use minimum S390Nmm2 G275gsm steel (higher grades and coatings on request). By only using steel with a protective coating and design detailing that eliminates prolonged exposure, we are confident in the durability of our systems. Research shows that in these conditions, coated steel has a potential life of over 1,000 years. All our products are CE Marked under the Construction Products Regulations – EN 1090-1: 2009 + AL: 2011.

Packaged to your Requirements
We offer all-inclusive fixed price packages that are uniquely supplied with proprietary brackets and fixings. We label and colour code by floor all deliveries to site. All Double Studs/Opening Jambs/Lintels and Cills will be dispatched from our factory preassembled. This is a flexible service and should you require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.

We have invested in our own fabrication plant to be self-sufficient in manufacturing our ancillary parts such as angles, brackets, windows and cills. This supports our market leading ‘lump-sum’, all-inclusive pricing initiative and complements our ‘total supply’ offering – enabling us to support the volumetric modular building sector together with high bay and continuous walling industries.”

Sector Experience
EOS has worked on projects across all construction sectors, including Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Commercial and Residential. Our portfolio of successfully completed projects and track record stretches back nearly 14 years, so you will benefit from a wealth of experience and expertise. For examples of our projects view our case studies.

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