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EOS are pioneering design, manufacture, and supply in a range of custom-made light steel framing systems (SFS). Made for the offsite market, EOS brings over 17 years of steel framing knowledge to the construction industry. Maintaining a safety-first approach with quality, cost-effective panelised and modular systems, EOS delivers high-performance, energy-efficient building solutions.

Combined Strength

A part of Etex, EOS has created a range of unique solutions combining expertise in drywall, passive fire protection, and steel framing systems. EOS offers rapid weathertight building envelopes complete with internal linings, partitions, and penetrations.

Certified Systems Approach

Combining individual building components from different manufacturers places responsibility on the specifier to assess whether the combination of materials will deliver the required performance levels. Warranties can be hard to obtain or non-existent.

Alongside Etex brands Siniat, Promat, and FSi – EOS identified the need for a systems-based approach. To overcome uncertainty surrounding specification decisions, EOS developed, tested, and warrantied a range of complete loadbearing and non-loadbearing walling and flooring systems.

Testing Regimes

Current regulations often deal with individual products and their performance in laboratory tests. EOS believe this is not enough. Material providers should apply comprehensive testing to study the performance of products. Full-scale regimes work to see how materials interact under real-life circumstances to test reaction to fire conditions and exposure to weathering. Advanced offsite manufacturing technology and the latest testing allow EOS to deliver  Thrubuild®, Thruwall® systems and Pre-Assembled Frames (PAF) faster. Assured performance is built-in with rigorously tested components. EOS offers complete compatibility with an Etex warranty.


Thrubuild®, Thruwall® and our Pre-Assembled Frames (PAF) systems use specified components rigorously tested for fire, acoustic, weathering, airtightness, and mechanical performance. Stringent installation and validation process with a 30-year Etex product and performance warranty for a solution that stands the test of time. EOS systems give complete confidence and peace of mind.

Right First Time

Our highly skilled design and technical teams work collaboratively with clients. Ensuring specifications are accurately manufactured and fit the first time. All products are CE Marked under the Construction Products Regulations. Using steel with a protective coating offers enhanced durability.


Sustainability is integral to our company’s ethos and operation. Buildings should stand the test of time, putting safety and performance at their core. Making a positive contribution to the environmental credentials of our projects, EOS embraces advanced offsite methods of construction. 

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Net Zero Carbon Future

National targets for carbon emission reductions and drive for buildings that are ‘low carbon’ in operation present a challenge to the construction industry. The steel construction sector plays an integral part in addressing this. Light steel framing systems minimise the impact on the environment and offer construction solutions to meet challenging targets. Steel construction makes low and zero-carbon buildings with high BREEAM ratings easily achievable.

Offsite Manufacturing

Delivering predictable performance outcomes, advanced manufacturing processes in controlled factory environments enable repeat quality every time. Operating to BIM Level 2, our expertise combines digital design technology with state-of-the-art framing machinery. Proven assembly processes achieve fully framed panels that do not require jigging. Sophisticated software transfers design information directly to our production plant. We manufacture to accuracies that exceed construction industry norms.

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Faster-Track Delivery

EOS understand time is a critical factor. As a project delivery strategy, factory-based offsite manufacturing can reduce construction times by up to 50%. Helping achieve radically reduced build times, faster occupation, and more immediate return on investment. Offsite manufacture for onsite assembly allows for efficient scheduling with stringent systems to track progress. Easily achievable milestones allow for smooth collaboration between contractors and clients.

Cost Certainty

Light steel frames offer superior quality at a lower-cost option.

Steel is unaffected by shrinkage, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Our guaranteed pricing structure means no hidden expenses. EOS can offer a lump sum cost providing specifications are unchanged. We have a dedicated in-house estimating team to ensure that we meet precise requirements, considering the locality and site specifics.

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