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A Safety-First Approach to Housing

A proven and versatile technology, light steel frame construction offers cost, programme, and safety benefits. Non-combustible, it does not add to the fire load of a building. Working with sector experts has equipped us with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by housing specifiers. Therefore, we have developed a range of systems delivering a safety-first approach.

EOS Framing - Housing Solutions
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A Pioneering Systems-Based Approach

All components and products in our Thrubuild®, Thruwall® system ranges and Pre-Assembled Frames have been rigorously tested together for fire, acoustic, weathering, airtightness, durability, and mechanical performance. Fire resistance periods of 60, 90, and 120 minutes are achievable. When built using Etex Group components and materials, walling and flooring systems hold a 30-year Etex warranty upon completing our validation process.

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EOS has developed Thruwall® – a fully-engineered custom-designed non-loadbearing infill system. The system comprises EOS light steel frame, Siniat Weather Defence external sheathing board, and Siniat Frameboard.

Supplied as a certified kit of individual parts, Thruwall® can fast-track housing solutions when used with concrete and steel mainframes.

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Winner of the Best External Product at the Housebuilder Product Awards, Thrubuild® is an all-in-one non-combustible certified system. Thrubuild uses the latest products, technical know-how, and manufacturing excellence. The range has multiple loadbearing applications designed for low and medium-rise developments for external or internal walls with internal and separating floors.

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Using EOS light steel frame systems housebuilders can reduce risk and operate with certainty and confidence.

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