Versatile Stud and Track Solutions

Stud & Track

Versatile Stud and Track Solutions

Custom-manufactured to precise dimensions to meet our client’s needs – our Stud & Track systems are supplied as cold-rolled U and C sections which reduce costs and generate no onsite waste.

Suitable for all types of infill requirements for primary hot rolled steel and in-situ concrete framed building specifications – our Stud & Track systems can carry aesthetic external cladding and accommodate complex design features such as ribbon windows or curved walls.

Versatile Stud and Track Solutions

Elementary Design Service for Stud and Track Schemes

EOS provide an elementary design service for stud and track schemes including:

  • Review of architectural and structural engineering drawings
  • A desktop appraisal of the scheme
  • Advice on sections using EOS standard structural calculations
  • Two drawings of the typical sections and associated connection details

For more details about our stud and track solutions, contact a member of our technical team:

Call: 01325 303030