EOS is part of Etex New Ways – a new division of Etex Group. Etex are the global building solutions innovator and pioneer in lightweight construction. The groups combined expertise in drywall, passive fire protection and steel framing systems has created a range of unique solutions to form rapid weathertight building envelopes complete with internal linings, partitions and penetrations.

etex - inspiring ways of living


Crucible Gypsum Recycling
The gypsum/metal recycling and circular economy specialists

Building Performance

The plasterboard and dry construction materials specialists

The passive fire protection and firestopping specialists

FSI - Develop, Manufacture, Protect
The built-in fire protection system specialists


The fiber cement panel specialists

The fibre cement profiled sheeting specialists

The roofing and cladding solution specialists

New Ways

The offsite load bearing and steel frame specialists

The leading MMC engineering consultants

Who are Etex?

Etex inspires the world to build safe, sustainable, smart and beautiful living spaces with a wide spectrum of lightweight solutions. From innovative modular systems to leading fibre cement and plasterboard systems. From applications for cladding, façade, roofing and terrace to high-performance fire protection and insulation for construction and OEM applications.

Click here for more information about Etex or visit our video vault to learn more about our tested and warrantied range of complete loadbearing and non-loadbearing walling and flooring systems.

Who are EOS?

EOS are pioneers in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of custom-made steel framing systems (SFS) for the offsite markets. For over 16 years EOS has maintained a safety-first approach, providing the construction industry with quality, cost effective panelised and volumetric modular systems which deliver high performance buildings that are safe, robust and energy efficient.

Shaping the future with etex

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