Viewpoint: EOS and Appi – the start of a journey!

13th January 22

Appi want to change the UK housing market by becoming an integral solution that enables the housing crisis to be addressed and to significantly reduce the current shortage of housing and homelessness issues. We are uncompromising in our mission but understand we cannot do it alone. We demand that those who want to be part of helping us scale up our MMC solution believe in our mission too. EOS have done just that!

Our founder and chairman, Derek Davies first met Steve Thompson at an exhibition and quickly identified that EOS and the wider Etex organisation were ideal partners for Appi. The unique Etex Thrubuild® 30-year warranty provides instant credibility for the Appi product and peace of mind for customers. But there were also a number of synergies with how EOS and Appi sought to do business, in collaboration and with the mission of delivering real-value to the offsite market.

Appi – supported by EOS have developed a truly scalable, precision-engineered solution for the housing crisis – with the structure of all our homes being supplied by EOS.

How do we do MMC differently? We focus on the engineering aspect of an offsite technology, producing a scalable solution that is centred around manufacturing – rather than development of housing. Having conducted extensive R&D, Appi identified many drawbacks to a volumetric solution – the original concept. Concluding that developing a standardised product range with components manufactured on demand by third parties would provide the optimum MMC solution.

With a robust supply chain in place, components are delivered for on-site assembly following manufacturing disciplines – thus providing precision engineered homes capable of being assembled at scale without recourse to traditional trades.

EOS and Appi have a formal strategic partnership and have worked closely together to develop the initial Appi range. Etex owned Evolusion Innovation have provided technical and engineering support throughout the product development process that has been invaluable to Appi. The ability to access this expertise ‘in-house’ has greatly simplified the process of achieving SAP ratings and dealing with matters such as fire stopping and cold bridging.

Appi are looking forward to putting our first homes on site early next year and to fulfilling our fast-expanding pipeline of orders thereafter – in partnership with EOS and Etex.

David Sleath
Managing Director, Appi Holdings Ltd