Kier Eastern HQ, Waterbeach

EOS were appointed on behalf of Kier Eastern to design and supply the SFS infill for their prestigious £12m office development in Waterbeach.

These purpose built offices, which form part of ‘Building 3000’, will not only double the size of office space held by Kier in the area, but will also generate 100 new jobs.

The 30,000sq ft. three storey building has been designed to complement the existing structures on Cambridge Research Park with a terracotta palette. Located in mature surroundings, Building 3000 is open plan and well-lit with large windows which overlook the Central Lake.

Key Data

RH Partnership Architects



Main Contractor:
Kier Eastern

Installer/EOS Client:
British Gas (formerly ECL Contracts)

Steel Framing Systems Supplier:

Materials / Type of System:
Stud & Track
Slotted head track


This prestigious project was the first time EOS worked in partnership with British Gas and therefore it was crucial for them to get involved at an early stage in order to provide their fully integrated service and support.

EOS were also able to liaise directly with Kier on the design elements which enabled the team to identify and iron out any potential issues early on and manage the main contractors expectations. Approved design and engineering was completed prior to arrival onsite. The EOS design team used BIM level 2 as standard to provide speed and accuracy with all sections supplied. Onsite variability was further eradicated by constant communication between the EOS technical team and the wider project delivery team.

This early involvement enabled the installers to accurately price based on the complete design, offering Kier complete reassurance. EOS provided SFS infill to a hot rolled steel frame for the three floor building. This was also the first project where EOS utilised their slotted head track DHT product which not only halved the number of fixings required, but dramatically reduced installation time and risk on site.

EOS also delivered onsite Toolbox Talks to ensure that the labour teams were fully trained in installing EOS systems and their new slotted head track deflection system. Regular site inspections meant that EOS were on hand to check that the installation quality matched that of the design and standard details throughout the project.


EOS maintained a ‘hands on’ approach throughout the project, liaising with the wider project delivery team from the outset. Offsite manufacturing and ‘just in time’ delivery enabled EOS to provide a precision engineered system which reduced traffic to and from site, health and safety risks and installation time.

All deliveries were labelled and colour coded by floor saving on time and transportation. Sections were provided pre-assembled and ready to install meaning the client benefitted from an upfront all-inclusive price. These processes achieved a timely project delivery within budget