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Lincoln Gateway

Providing accommodation for the University’s students – Lincoln Gateway is situated close to the city centre and features a lively mix of residential, leisure and commercial space.

The prominent location demanded a distinctive elevation and the contrasting ceramic and granite facade panels, deliver high-impact results. The work was carried out in line with strict deadlines, and the project was completed in good time ready for the beginning of the academic year.

Lincoln Gateway includes 503 bedrooms, 361 studio bedrooms with kitchens and 24 cluster kitchens with additional retail, restaurant, café or office space on the ground floor. At eight storeys in height and almost 90m in length at its widest overhang, The Gateway’s innovative tiered, curved frontage presented numerous challenges to all those involved in the design, prefabrication and installation of the facade cladding.

Thruwall Non-Loadbearing Infill System

Key Data

Lincoln University

Main Contractor:
Kier Construction

Ward Cole

Stem Architects

Jackson & Jackson


Steel Framing Systems Supplier:

Materials / Type of System:
Stud & Track & Overhang Support Plates


“From the outset, The Gateway was destined to be a technically challenging and visually exciting building,” said Vaughan Owen of Stem Architects. “Only a handful of suppliers with the confidence and the appropriate level of technical expertise were appointed to take on the challenge of the curved, overhanging facade.

EOS designed and manufactured a light gauge steel infill framing system for the project together with overhang support plates for the extensive sweeping radius curve to front elevation. EOS engineered bespoke ‘inside out fixings’ for the internal head track and also used shot fired fixings.

Precision built offsite products require the application of leading-edge technology and contemporary manufacturing processes. EOS has invested substantially in the latest software and hardware systems in steel frame production. We have also invested in our own fabrication plant to be self-sufficient in manufacturing our ancillary parts such as angles, brackets, windows and cills. This supports our market leading ‘lump-sum’ all-inclusive pricing initiative and complements our ‘total supply’ offering.

Logistics for the installation were particularly challenging and offsite technology provided the solution. Just in time deliveries had to be meticulously timed and a crane had to be installed and removed with minimum impact on traffic. EOS label and colour code by floor all deliveries to site. This is a flexible service and should you require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.



Dominik Jackson, Founding Partner of Jackson & Jackson Developers, who were responsible for The Gateway development, concludes: “Thanks to its eye-catching finish this statement building has confidently taken its place on Lincoln’s skyline, and we are proud to offer students an outstanding quality of accommodation in a building of real architectural value. The Gateway is set to provide a comfortable and inspiring home for many generations of students to come.”

The Gateway won the Best Large Commercial Building category at the LABC East Midlands Building Excellence Awards.