Build to Rent, Housing

Pennine Close

This inspirational enterprise not only provides much needed affordable homes but also creates opportunities for those distant from the labour market to gain training, skills and sustained employment.

More than three years ago EOS supported OSCO Homes in a ground-breaking development at The Lockies where offsite construction was used as the medium to provide prisoners with the skills and training needed to gain employment. OSCO supported each prisoner in finding work on release and the research showed the re-offending rate dropped dramatically to around 10% of the national average. Following its success, this model is now being rolled out across many projects including Pennine Close in St Helens.

Key Data

Walker Simpson Architects

Torus Developments

Main Contractor:
OSCO Homes

Installer/EOS Client:
OSCO Homes

Steel Framing Systems Supplier:

Materials / Type of System:
SFS Panelised System


The development consists of 10 houses built for affordable rent and is part of a significant investment in the area by the housing group Torus Developments. Improving levels of occupant safety together with increasing the quality and energy performance of the build was a key priority. Making use of the latest products, technical know-how and manufacturing excellence – fast-track steel framing systems provided the solution.


Providing crucial time and cost benefits – an offsite system approach ensures the outcome is more predictable and repeatable, eradicating the risk of on-site variability. On this occasion the custom-made range of walling and flooring systems for the Pennine Close development were designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances in the EOS factory complete with M&E service channels and openings, then supplied as a complete kit of parts to the OSCO Homes factory.

There an expert team led a group of low and multi-skilled operatives to assemble the panels including Weather Defence external sheathing and Rock Mineral Wool insulation with only the Siniat Frameboard internal boarding being installed on-site. All ancillary products and fixings were manufactured and supplied by EOS. The panels were then factory finished by the OSCO Homes team complete with doors, windows and a brick slip cladding system supplied by Wetherby Building Systems.


Embracing a world-class manufacturing ethos and optimising design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) principles are at the heart of the EOS operation. With a culture of constant improvement, EOS invest in the company’s advanced manufacturing facility together with the research and development of new and innovative offsite systems – the resulting benefits are passed onto customers.

The EOS team are well known for building excellent working relationships based on customer needs. Through collaborative working and by forming strategic alliances, the leading steel framing contractor provide specialist services to businesses, large and small, including some of the most prominent companies in construction. EOS offer a comprehensive expert partnering service, for conceiving, designing, and manufacturing light gauge steel frame solutions for the exacting requirements of the construction industry.

EOS work with our clients such as OSCO Homes to develop collaborative strategies and build trust through reliability and delivery. EOS operate a range of partnering solutions and are always looking for new opportunities to work with new collaborators on outstanding projects.



Chris Bowen Managing Director for Torus Developments said: “The project highlights how Torus are embracing innovative ways to not only provide high quality housing, but to also help shape the communities we operate in. It is not just about simply building as many homes as possible – it is also about the wider influence we have and providing opportunities for the people who make up our communities is a big part of that.

“This project is very rewarding in that people who perhaps may have previously been left behind by the system are given a second opportunity, they learn a trade and significantly increase their prospects when they are released.”