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Renaissance Works Huddersfield

The former Co-operative building in Huddersfield stood derelict for almost two decades. It has now been refurbished, expanded and reborn as Renaissance Works. Main construction activity was carried out for SKA Developments by Spring & Company and local firm Big Red Construction.

Engineers removed the original roof and replaced with a concrete deck ready for a roof top extension. This radical transformation uses Thrubuild® to best effect to maximise space via a three-storey extension on top of the existing building.

Offering multiple loadbearing applications, Thrubuild® was used for external and internal walls, internal and separating floors.

Key Data

SKA Developments

Main Contractor:
Spring & Company

Local Contractor:
Big Red Construction

Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher

Steel Framing Systems Supplier:

Materials / Type of System:
Thrubuild® external and internal walls, internal and separating floors


In collaboration with Etex group partners, EOS developed the loadbearing Thrubuild® systems range to deliver crucial safety, time and cost benefits. With 60, 90, 120-minute fire resistance options, the range is supported by a 30-year warranty. EOS designed, engineered and offsite manufactured a non-combustible Thrubuild® loadbearing solution for the three-storey roof extension together with a hot rolled steel staircase for the top three floors. Providing a robust and lightweight solution to reduce loading on the existing building and foundations, the combination of strength and precision engineering offered broad parameters for the designers to create 138 student bedrooms through 75 apartments.


The Thrubuild® loadbearing system for Renaissance Works features cold-rolled galvanised steel sections in a range of depths and gauges. The BBA Approved Siniat Weather Defence used in the panelised system is a revolutionary new external sheathing board, faced with water repellent material for superior weather protection. Designed exclusively by Siniat, Weather Defence is strong, highly moisture resistant, A1 non- combustible and can be left installed and exposed for up to 12 months on site before the final cladding needs to be completed. Taking the external sheathing offsite reduces onsite programmes, saves money, reduces scaffold costs and plant hire on site.

Thrubuild® delivered an ‘all in one’ certified solution providing crucial safety, time and cost benefits for the Renaissance Works project. Offering unparalleled freedom to construct faster, more accurately with predictability of costs and schedule – Thrubuild® ensured outcomes were more predictable and repeatable, eradicating the risk of onsite variability. The Thrubuild® range has been tested as a complete unit and assessed for compliance with the latest regulations. This systems approach offers assured fire, acoustic and thermal performance to meet the needs of the multiple occupancy building. Our testing regimes are designed to ensure that when using our Thrubuild® systems, specifiers have total assurance that the approach has been designed to enhance building performance, energy efficiency and reduce ongoing maintenance.