Build to Rent, Mixed Use

Ruskin Square, London

In a nine acre area of wasteland left empty for 15 years, work has begun to create Ruskin Square – a development that will re-energise Croydon and provide a much needed boost to the city centre.

EOS, working with their client UK Facades, contributed to the construction of a 22 storey residential development within this exciting new district in Croydon.

Together they provided a cost effective and efficient offsite solution for this key element of the two million square foot mixed use scheme.

Key Data

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects

Croydon Gateway Limited Partnership

Powell Tolner and Associates Ltd

Main Contractor:
J Reddington Group

Installer/EOS Client:
UK Facades

Steel Framing Systems Supplier:

Materials / Type of System:
Factory assembled 100mm and 150mm frames


EOS designed and pre-engineered bespoke flat pack 100mm and 150mm light gauge steel frames for this residential development. These frames were punched and holed in the state-of-the-art EOS  factory before being issued to the UK Facades’ assembly plant where they were factory-fitted to cement particle boards before being delivered to the project site.

EOS  also provided a range of ancillary products including packers and custom manufactured deflection brackets.

With speed and cost certainty strong business imperatives for this project, by utilising offsite pre-assembled panelling, EOS and UK Facades delivered speed, quality assurance and cost control.

In order to move the process on as efficiently as possible, EOS’s client sought approved details of the plans as soon as possible, in order to achieve an early design freeze. The close liaison and strong working relationship between EOS and their client meant that this was comfortably achieved and streamlined entry to production.


The strong communication between the project delivery team further aided the design and construction of Ruskin Square. The architects, engineers, client, design manager and the portal site all contributed towards making the process smooth and efficient.

This project provided ideal usage for the EOS SFS and enabled to the product to showcase its capability to adapt and facilitate cost and programme reduction.