Bringing Projects to Life with Case Study Videos

27th April 23

For architects looking to discover more about the design capabilities of light steel framing systems, the new EOS Case Study Compendium provides a rich vein of information and inspiration. With embedded videos featuring case studies and charting the light steel journey from factory to site, together with a site study tour and client testimonials – this compendium is a must for those wanting to explore the possibilities of light steel frame.

At 78 pages, the compendium presents a snapshot of EOS’ work and achievements, but a comprehensive index of case studies, colour coded by sector – help navigate to specific points of interest. As specialists in advanced light steel framing technologies, the team at EOS have a mandate to challenge the norm and take the construction industry forward by pioneering a new certified systems approach. This is just another step on that journey to help construction professionals appreciate the versatility of light steel and the safety, sustainability and performance advantages it brings.


By working closely with developers, EOS are now able to provide scalable light steel frame residential solutions – delivering precision-engineered homes that meet building safety regulations and can be produced at scale better than, faster than and more cost-efficiently than other market offerings. If you have not had an opportunity to look around an advanced light steel manufacturing facility, then do not miss the video on page three. You will be amazed how clean and efficient the process is.


EOS invited a group of construction professionals to attend a site study tour of Gardiner Place, Henley-on-Thames – a multi-million-pound mixed-use development. Attendees had the unique opportunity to speak one-to-one with the offsite experts involved and scrutinise in situ, the EOS award-winning Thrubuild® loadbearing system. If you would like a sneak preview from the comfort of your chair, then head along to the site study video on page 12.


A challenging project, the Ram Quarter is now injecting new life into old industrial units on the site of the former Young’s Brewery where beer has been brewed since 1581. From steel framing infill for new medium to high-rise apartments to bespoke loadbearing systems creating internal pods within the listed brewery house, EOS worked in close collaboration to meet the precise project requirements. This case study demonstrates the versatility of light steel and how the Ram Quarter sensitively integrates historic Grade II buildings into a contemporary scheme. Under the banner of ‘vintage and modern’ the video of this complex project is available in the compendium on page 26.

View the EOS Case Study Compendium here

Delivering confidence and certainty in the construction process, EOS empower construction professionals to be technical forerunners in the offsite sector. In-house highly skilled technical teams work collaboratively with clients to ensure specifications are accurately designed, manufactured, and fit first time. EOS are committed to technical competence and as part of Etex, have some of the best fire protection experts in the UK on their team. Technical support is there for specifiers throughout the lifecycle of the project, from concept to completion – in person, online, or by phone.

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