Getting Ahead in The Sustainability Stakes

7th June 23

EOS Framing aims to inspire housebuilders to develop homes that are safe and sustainable and, in the last decade, has transitioned from a component supplier to a panelised light steel systems manufacturer that can also incorporate factory fitted insulation and windows.

At a time when energy prices are at an all-time high and the cost-of-living crisis continues to have an impact, developing highly airtight homes is both good for the environment and helps hard pressed families to reduce ongoing energy bills.

By taking the construction of the building structure offsite, on-site waste is virtually eliminated compared to industry norms in excess of 10%. Using Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols integrated with Building Information Modelling (BIM), light steel frame systems are digitally designed and tested to optimise material use and create highly airtight structures.

Findings from studies such as the Post Occupancy Review of Buildings and their Engineering (PROBE) reveal that energy consumption in buildings is often as much as twice that predicted at the design stage. Performance data reveals EOS’ panelised light steel systems create highly airtight structures, reducing in-use energy requirements and carbon emissions for the lifetime of the building.

Offering the best strength-to-weight ratio improves efficiencies. EOS’ systems provide a lightweight but robust response to complex buildings where additional structural integrity may be required. Lighter structures not only reduce material consumption but also concrete in the ground. As well as reducing environmental impact, this means that foundation loads and sizes can be reduced by over 70% relative to concrete and block-work construction.

To demonstrate EOS take their responsibility towards the environment seriously, the light steel specialist has been awarded an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The scope of this EPD is cradle-to-gate which includes a comprehensive lifecycle assessment. This assessment considers the extraction of raw materials, the manufacturing process, distribution and its end-of-life value. The systems designed and manufactured by EOS currently use steel that is made from 59% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. This EPD is an important validation tool which provides transparent data and helps residential developers make informed decisions to achieve net zero goals.

Looking for Inspiration?
For architects looking to discover more about the design capabilities of light steel framing systems, the new EOS Case Study Compendium provides a rich vein of information and inspiration. With embedded videos featuring case studies and charting the light steel journey from factory to site, together with a site study tour and client testimonials – this compendium is a must for those wanting to explore the possibilities of light steel frame.

The Compendium presents a snapshot of EOS’ work and achievements, but a comprehensive index of case studies, colour coded by sector – help navigate to specific points of interest. As experts in advanced light steel framing technologies, the team at EOS have a mandate to challenge the norm and take the construction industry forward by pioneering a new certified systems approach. This is just another step on that journey to help construction professionals appreciate the versatility of light steel and the safety, sustainability and performance advantages it brings.

By working closely with residential developers, EOS are now able to provide scalable light steel frame solutions – delivering precision-engineered homes that meet building safety regulations and can be produced at scale better than, faster than and more cost-efficiently than other market offerings.

EOS Framing
Delivering confidence and certainty in the construction process, EOS empower construction professionals to be technical forerunners in the offsite sector. In-house highly skilled technical teams work collaboratively with clients to ensure specifications are accurately designed, manufactured, and fit first time. EOS are committed to technical competence and as part of Etex, have some of the best fire protection experts in the UK on their team. Technical support is available throughout the lifecycle of the project, from concept to completion – in person, online or by phone.

View the EOS Case Study Compendium here